The four pregnancy Bodies and how to dress them

If you're big all over

 we call it Kim Kardashian pregnancy,


some women just don't gain weight in their belly but all over the body and face, if this happened to you, you dont need to lose your sense of

fashion just because of the new size, be proud of your beautiful bump .


what to wear?

 You need to wear softer fabrics and longer lines for your prefect pregnant look.


for this look :


If you are carrying low

If you have a baby who is sitting low,  you might then have your beautiful belly just above your hips. 

what to wear?

 A jumpsuit is always a easy option for a stylish outfit, choosing a black color for a slimmer look.

Also the jumpsuit gives you the needed space for your low belly .



To get this look :


 If you are carrying high


what to wear?


High waisted style is preffered for the high belly, also wearing style separated by a belt and try to wear catchy necklaces to get the attention away from your belly.



Get this look :


If you're petite all over

if you are tiny with a small bump, A small-all-over figure really allows you to play up your maternity style, , and don't be afraid to take fashion risks and have some fun.


 what to wear?

 You can wear skinny jeans to show off the shape of your legs, or boyfriend cut jeans and loose trousers for a more comfortable and fashionable look.

to get this look :




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