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Circle coasters

Set of Coasters
ج.م.‏ 190.00

Central Perk Cup Holder

Cup Holder
ج.م.‏ 500.00

Hexagonal Coasters

ج.م.‏ 190.00

Leaves Coasters

ج.م.‏ 190.00

Handmade Sushi plates

Handmade sushi plates, comes in 3 different sizes
ج.م.‏ 180.00

Handmade Dark blue plates with golden line

Dark blue plates with golden line.
ج.م.‏ 175.00

Handmade Cooking Pot

Lovely hanadmade cooking pot make in pottery, it come in various sizes and colors.
ج.م.‏ 380.00

HandmadeServing Tray and Bowls

Handmade Big Serving tray + Set of 5 Sauce Bowls
ج.م.‏ 650.00

Flower shaped tagine handmade

Handmade tagine
ج.م.‏ 300.00