Feather eyebrows are a trend now and it's tearing everyone apart


Feather eye brows is a trend that @stella.s.makeup started it, and few days later it became a trend that made instagram on fire.

#featherbrows are split down the middle using a glue stick and a dipbrow pomada same as the eyebrows color.


#FeatherBrow is intended to make your brows look like actual feathers. It began with Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen, who posted a pic of her colorful,

holographic eye makeup beneath slick eyebrows parted horizontally down the middle. Her eyebrows kind of stole the show.


Sironen's trend, which began as a joke, caught on, and other Instagrammers have started doing their own versions. Makeup artist Kelsee Marie showed off a more

toned-down version using clear brow gel.



We're not sure if it's something we'd wear every day (or even at all), so we kind of understand the divided reactions. Still, if you don't like it, no one's forcing you to wear it. And if you do? Go for it.






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