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Designers Of Egypt

Designers Of Egypt

Because the Fashion market has remarkably grown during the last couple of years in Egypt ..we have decided to focus on the ones who we believe that they  would leave a mark in the industry.

Galoan By Hanan Hamdy


Hanan Hamdy is an egyptian fashion designer, While admiring her collection you will notice that she mixed her talent in drawing and her taste in fashion with the egyptian culture where she was inspired from.

**Follow her on Galoan_hananhamdy

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A new talent is born

A new Talent is born

Egyptian Designer Yosra ElBarkouky Debuts New Line in Cairo

The debut of an Egyptian fashion designer The fashion industry in Egypt had grown very rapidly in the last 4 years Yosra Elbarkouky, a young fashion designer who started her career after studying fashion for four years in Italy. “​I studied fashion for many years because ​you can't depend on having the passion for fashion or even your talent, it's more complicated and detailed study, fashion industry has become highly competitive today and if you are planning to get into it you should study it to come up with better designs and performing well​ “ ElBarkouky says

Mermaid dress from the AW’ 16/17 collection

Random Draped Black Gown with Pearly White Floral Prints from AW'16/17 Collection.

When It comes to fabric you will notice that she used very unique and luxurious ones ​“​dealing with fabrics is my favorite part, visiting fabric store is like heaven to me, touching fabrics mix and match it everything related to fabrics simply it's my passion.”​ ​She explained

Yosra’s passion about clothes was the spark to sketch dresses and by time makes them real and she didn’t hesitate to travel to countries like Dubai, Milano and Paris to get the perfect fabrics for her original designs.

While asking Yosra about her new collection she declared that she can’t call it collection yet, but mainly a startup and she ​was just trying to get out some her ideas and sketches trying to link it simply with the main aspect (matching colors and fabrics).

We can’t see any reasons why ElBarkouky’s Collection won’t become international in a couple of years