Art and wiggles


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العرض في الصفحة

Fluid Acrylic Painting

Hand Painted 50 x35 Fluid Acrylic Painting Set of 2 two paintings, on Steched Canvas
ج.م.‏ 2,500.00

Mixed Media Painting on a Canvas

A 30 x40 cm Duo Mixed Media Painting
ج.م.‏ 2,000.00

Hand Painted artwork

Hand Painted 40 x50 cm Art work with Golf Leaf
ج.م.‏ 3,000.00

Hand Painted Artwork

Hand Painted Acrylic Artwork, size 30 x60 Using Gold leaf and mix of black and white acrylic Colors Set of Two
ج.م.‏ 3,000.00