Blog posts of '2017' 'March'

The curious case of the fur flip flops

If you hear the word Flip Flop, what will comes to your mind ? Bath flip flops for sure !! 


the weird thing that the fur flips flops are very trendy now  and fur flip flops look fancy when they are  worn with the suitable outfit


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will u give it a try ? 


Fishnet socks trend!

With an unusual yet seductive look, fishnets are total eye catchers!





They look trendy with sneakers, heels or even loafer shoes, enjoy some inspiration!





Bomber jacket trend alert !

The bomber has recently taken over the fashion world, this year it takes on a new twist in unusual colors and fresh silhouettes. Whether oversized or embroidered, it’s all about the details!




It's now the most seen piece in all stores, it's very versatile to style, you can make it cozy casual with jeans and white tucked t-shirt or a classic chique by matching darker colors


Colors are also very trendy metalic olivy color, cashmere color or with some vintage prints, spotted some celebrities having the bomber jacket mania too, here is some inspiration.


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GINGER Badge Padded Bomber Jacket